Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Blue Moon Live Wallpaper HD

Watch a beautiful blue moon reflecting on lake's water with an eagle flying in front of it.
Enjoy the amazing reflection of the giant blue moon in that beautiful night.
Add this blue giant moon live wallpaper as Live Wallpaper now and you will find yourself being there in that night, looking at that big moon and admiring that beautiful eagle flying just in front of the moon.
I hope you will enjoy my Blue Moon over the lake Live Wallpaper and you will get relaxed wherever you are in the world.
To use this app please click on Blue Moon Live Wallpaper HD icon in your menu or follow these steps:
1. Go to your 'homescreen' ;
2. Tap and hold on any blank spot until the menu appears ;
3. Tap on 'Wallpaper' and then 'Live Wallpaper'
4. Select Blue Moon Live Wallpaper HD
5. Tap 'Set Wallpaper'
Please email me if you have any suggestions, questions or any issue.
Please check for the Live Wallpapers menu in your phone to be sure that 'Blue Moon Live Wallpaper HD' works on your device.
There are beautiful nightly scenes with a nice bird flying in the sky with a beautiful gigantic blue moon reflecting in that nice lake with that snowed mountain from background.
This live wallpaper will not slow your phone because it was optimized to consume low resources and also to not drain your battery.
Blue Moon Live Wallpaper HD may be referred to as Moon Live Wallpaper, Eagle Live Wallpaper, Nature Live Wallpaper, Mountains Live Wallpaper, Lake Live Wallpaper or simply as Night Live Wallpaper.
Blue Moon Live Wallpaper HD was filmed in HD to provide a high quality resolution of the eagle flying, of the white mountains from background, of the beautiful blue moon reflecting on the lake's water.

                                                     Go to Android Play to download this app

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